We believe that the #worklocal concept has lots of positives which is why we have developed MyCRO™ – ‘My Company’s Rural Office’ or ‘rural coworking’ if you prefer. Whether you are a home-worker, a freelancer, a micro or small business owner or just need the flexibility to work in a collaborative, creative but professional environment. MyCRO™ provides you with a conducive environment on your doorstep.

Focusing on village and rural locations in central England, MyCRO™ provides benefits beyond just flexible, affordable workspace. It helps productivity through shorter commuting times (if any!). negates the need for a second car (bike or walk to work!) reducing carbon footprint as a result, addresses the very real issue of rural isolation and helps create more cohesive communities in villages and rural areas.

Some of the less obvious but no less important benefits of working locally include reduced outgoings on season tickets for long-distance commuters, less stress for working parents (especially if your kids go to the local school), no snow days (you just need a pair of wellington boots!), provides local village services with valuable weekday income and ensures that employment space is preserved in the face of never ending residential development.

And what do you get with a MyCRO™ monthly membership? A designated desk. fast broadband. tea/coffee, meeting spaces, new collaborative partners and who knows maybe even some new friends. Ultimately, you’ll get out of it, what you put into it and with a growing network (hence MyCRON), we believe a MyCRO™ membership will enable you to have a more productive and profitable business whether you are sole trader, an ambitious start-up or a more established business looking for something a little bit more corporately creative.